Day 24: Fear

There are so many places in scripture that says we shouldn’t be afraid, that we don’t need to fear. As long as God is in control of our lives, we have no reason to fear. Although this seems like the ultimate comfort, there are still so many things that come up in our lives that seem scary enough to panic and fear them.

God is bigger than all of our fears, so why does allowing them to control our lives seem like the easier route when He promises a better life if we go to Him in our time of trouble? I think it’s because we don’t know God’s plan, and it seems just as uncertain as the thing we’re afraid of. The difference is that God promises that He will always provide for us, something that our fear can never offer.

Fear separates me from God because it means that I’m not trusting that God has the best for me. When I give into my human emotions to the point that they control me, I’m distancing myself from the One who knows my heart, who made my heart, and who has a purpose that will forever overcome any fear this world has to tempt me with.



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