Day 18: Overthinking

Overthinking has been a hobby of mine for quite sometime now, and it’s a hobby that is sometimes useful, that sometimes promotes negativity, and most of the time is exhausting.

Overthinking can be a benefit when it comes to analyzing complex situations, but after awhile it becomes hard to decipher what originally started out as complex and what my mind made complex. Analyzing skills are helpful, but overanalyzing something can create problems that were never there to begin with.

For me, overthinking can really become a problem when I substitute it for prayer or for seeking God’s wisdom. It goes along with the pride of thinking I can or I need to solve everything for myself. But sometimes I think I confuse overthinking for talking to God. I realize I’m doing this when I’m going around in circles in my head about an issue and then I remember that I should be talking about this to God, so I’ll start the conversation in my head over again, this time prefacing it with a version of “Hey, God” in order to set my mind on Him and evaluate things with His wisdom.

I don’t believe overthinking is an inherently awful thing to do, even though the “over” aspect of the word indicates it is something done past a point that allows it to be balanced or in check. And maybe I’m even being hard on myself, maybe what I think to be “overthinking” isn’t too much thought, but just quite a bit of it.

Overthinking gets to a dangerous point when it compromises my faith. There are times when a conviction enters my heart and I decide to push it away because I feel like I’m “overthinking” a situation, when really, I’m considering it because God wants me to consider it. It may even be my perception of overthinking that promoted my decision in order to not make a big deal out of something. By God’s standard, there’s no such thing as making a big deal out of something. His truths and realities are much different than our world’s truths and realities, and it can be difficult to push outside of those boundaries we’ve been conditioned with to see His possibilities. When I analyze or “overthink” something He has placed on my heart, I need to overthink it in His presence in order to make His truths my truths, in order to make His realities my realities. I need to trust that when I go to Him, He will reveal what it is that He wants me to know and that if my heart is truly letting Him in completely, He will transform it in an incredible way.

I don’t need to worry if a conviction will change my life because it will change my life, but regardless, it will transform my heart, mind, and soul in an amazing way. If it changes my life in a scary  or unexpected way, I have the best protection and comfort my heart could ever need.



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