Day 12: Emotions

There was a time in my life that I convinced myself that my faith was based on a foundation of emotions. I believed God spoke to me through the way that I felt in an attempt to validate the idea that what I wanted was in fact the same as what God wanted for me instead of asking God what He wanted for me and attempting to listen.

I still believe God is capable of speaking through anything, including feelings or hunches, but I now know that that isn’t His main mode of transportation when it comes to speaking to our hearts. Like we validate our scholarly sources, we have written word that proclaims God’s truth. While it’s not always easy to interpret and we may even be led by false doctrine from time to time, I think it’s important to make an attempt to understand the Bible and all it has to offer, especially when there’s a potential to further understand God’s truths.

Emotions are not a bad thing, God created us with them and if we were created in His image, there’s a good chance God has and understands our emotions. I think that was part of the deal when Jesus came to earth, to truly understand what it means to feel happy or sad, in love or heartbroken, calm or angry. Emotions open us up to one another so that we can get to know each other on deeper levels and connect on deeper levels. Emotions are a beautiful thing.

The way emotions distance me from God comes into play when I fail to balance emotion with truth. Without God’s word to back up where my emotions are stemming from, I have no way of hearing God through them. If I only rely on emotions or feelings to gauge my faith or the season of spirituality I’m in, my faith will feel unstable and all over the place. Any relationship built purely on emotion will not last or feel secure.

The only love we can truly put all our hope and trust in is God’s love. His love is a firm foundation that we can base our lives around.

God, I need You to help me find truth behind how I feel. Help me to know when I’m basing my feelings on what I think versus when I’m basing my feelings off of what You know. I want to listen to You and not just use what I think to be true to justify my thoughts, feelings, or actions.



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