Day 9: Expectations

I always find it interesting how humans  identify themselves. I was at a mummy exhibit in a museum one time and one of the sarcophagi had lines of painted hieroglyphics on it. The plaque said that the hieroglyphics identified the person by talking about their family members and their jobs. In modern times when we introduce ourselves, we tell people our names, and when we first get to know one another, we talk about our family, our education, and our careers.

Not much has changed in what society considers important, but with all of these self-identifiers comes expectations. Expectations can sometimes add pressure that seems necessary in the sense that it motivates me to accomplish something, or it adds pressure in a way that overwhelms me with worries and doubts. 

This makes me wonder what God’s expectations for my life are, and how they compare to the world’s. God says that as a woman, I should be strong and supportive. As a daughter I should respect and obey my parents. As a sister in Christ I should respect men and expect them to respect me. As a student or worker I should always work as hard as I can and turn around to give all the glory I earn to God. As a Christian I am to follow Christ and believe that he is the son of God. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve yet to find a Bible passage telling me that He expects me to be perfect, that He expects me to make the most money or have the most success or to be a future wife that is either submissive or in total control. I’ve yet to read a verse telling me that I’m expected to be college educated or have prior work experience to do God’s work. I’ve yet to hear a sermon telling me that God expects me to be forgiven once and never need that forgiveness again, but that His forgiveness is endless and it’s endless for a reason. His love is endless and it’s endless for a reason. 

The only expectations I feel from God are to serve others and to love others. Not perfectly, not without fail, but to just do those things to the best of my ability, and when I feel I cannot, He’s got my back.

God, I’m sorry for all the times I let the world’s expectations fill my heart with doubt or gnaw at my brain with worry. Help me to know what you expect of me and that with Your truth, I can wait in hopeful expectation with my prayers to You.


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