Day 10: Wants

I find that when there’s nothing major in my life that I want, it’s a lot easier to want what God wants. When I want something and I’m not sure if it’s what God wants for me, however, the ability to hear God can become difficult.

Some of the things He wants for me seem obvious. The less obvious times can be challenging times in faith because not only am I not getting a clear answer, I have to wait for whatever answer is going to be given. That means I have to trust God’s judgement AND timing, which is always different than how I imagine.

I used to always be confused on how God spoke to me. I confused my feelings with God speaking to me through those feelings. I never want to believe that what I want isn’t what He wanted and I’m often impatient waiting for that decision. Does He want me to make a choice with His judgement in mind and heart, or should I wait for Him to make a move?

Situations like this are definitely confusing, and that worry and doubt of what to do or how to do it or where God is through all of it can actually cause space between God and ourselves. The ironic part to that is that when we focus on waiting productively and listening for God’s response, no matter the answer, it can bring us closer to Him.

Lord, make my desires what you desire for me. During times of uncertainty, help me to at least know that you’re there and remind me that you have my best interest no matter the outcome.


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