Day 7: Pride

Pride has been something that’s confused me for awhile now. It’s bad to be too proud of yourself, but it’s good to beam with pride over your children (or an equivalent). It’s bad to be too proud of yourself, but pride isn’t a good trait to have in your heart. 

So is it a matter of the amount one has or should I be fine with having it or not having it at all?

From what I know, it seems like a matter of spiritual versus earthly traits. Society promotes being proud of oneself and of others who have achieved their goals, but what happens when I achieve one of God’s goals?

When I accomplish something through Christ or that was God’s will to be done, it’s often not a one time job, and it usually has the opposite effect because it tends to humble me. If I was proud of what God had me do, or worked through me to accomplish, then He wouldn’t get enough of the glory, and He deserve it all.

Lord, forgive me for allowing pride to separate me from a relationship with you because of the way it distracts from You and your mission for my life. Humble me and let me be filled with your joy as you work through my life and through me for others to know your love.


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