Day 5: Not Being Enough

Let me preface this with the fact that I know how incredibly blessed I am to be receiving a higher education. Not everyone has that opportunity and my parents supported me and encouraged me in a way that promoted me to work hard to get to this point. However, it seems that no matter how blessed we are, every person has their own set of challenges, and I’d be lying if I said I had zero fear of what’s to come after my college graduation. It never seems like it’s enough, if I get a Bachelor’s degree, someone will have a Master’s, if I had a high GPA, someone might have more job experience. In this world, it’s easy to feel inadequate no matter where you’re at.

God has the best news for all of us who feel this way: in Christ, He says that we are always enough. With my scars, guilt, shame, sin and all, He has a plan for me and He made me exactly how I am for His own special reasonings and will use everything I give up to Him to make His will on earth. And that’s difficult, I think I struggle most with the main factor in this equation: it’s so important for me to give everything to Him. When I don’t, it just serves as another way to damage my relationship with God.

If I let that belief of not being enough fester in my heart, all my decisions and thoughts and actions will stem from that doubt. When I think about how much more I can be with Christ as my leader and His plan under my feet, it overwhelms my heart in the best way possible.

God, I want to say that I’m sorry for not believing that I’m enough, when you so clearly have blessed so many aspects of my life. Help me to trust in your plan and give all I have to you, so that your will may be done through me on earth.


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