Day 2: Problem-Solving

Solving problems sounds great on a resume for a job because problems will always arise and our future employers have expectations that we won’t just curl up into a ball and ignore those problems. The One in charge of our lives, however, does not have these expectations at all. In fact, He just wants us to hand all those problems over so He can take care of them. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Writing it out, it seems kind of ridiculous that I wouldn’t want to just hand my problems over to the One who can handle anything, and yet I continue to want to tackle things myself. I uphold a mindset of needing to handle everything myself when I feel I have the ability to do so. They are my problems, after all. I think sometimes handing over problems feels like holding up a white flag, and in a way, it kind of is.

One of my weaknesses is asking for help, and while I’ve been trying to work on this, it can still be difficult for me to accept help when it’s offered to me. God’s help offers more than just making our lives easier. It offers a solution we could never come up with on our own, an outcome we could have never fathomed, and hope that God will continue to make our lives wonderful as long as we are following Christ, repenting for our sins, and staying in close contact with God.

The only reason this allowing God to solve my problems feels like defeat is because I didn’t hand my problems over in the first place. I insist on keeping them until  I can’t handle them. However, if I had just handed over those problems in the first place and started out with my heart in a humble place, admitting to God that I can’t do anything without Him, I wouldn’t feel like ‘giving it up to God’ was my downfall, but rather I could feel lifted up through His love and encouragement.

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Psalm 55:22, NIV

God, I want to apologize for not casting my cares on you so that You may sustain me. Your love is a firm foundation, and the only love that can truly sustain me throughout this life.


One thought on “Day 2: Problem-Solving

  1. I love all you wrote, God is Good, I needed to read this at this time in my life, I have been praying for a cure and you reminded me it’s in Gods time I just need to TRUST IN HIM.
    ” out of the mouths of babes” truth, wisdom, love ,faith
    You are an amazoning young lady , I’m think God smiles everytime he thinks of you.
    How lucky I am to have you as a Granddaughter,
    You are a light, thank you.
    Love mimi

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