Modern Day Idolatry & my Lenten Season

Reading about certain topics in the Bible can sometimes be difficult to relate to, and really, most ancient texts can be, but they tend to be worth the read when you can connect with similar human ideologies all these years later. One biblical topic I typically have trouble relating to is worshipping idols. Most idolatry related stories deal with bowing down to statues erected for rulers of the time, which to me would not be something I would consider doing anyways. Statues today are often made to represent something or someone, but for the most part are not worshipped.

Idols don’t just have to be figurines, however. Modern day idols can include anything we worship, and by worship I mean things that we make a priority over God, or spend more time doing that get in the way of our quality time with God.

During Lent we sacrifice aspects of our lives that we feel have a hold on use and are distancing us from our relationship with God, things that distract our focus from God’s word, things that consume the time we could be spending in His presence.

I think about time quite a bit. I fill my planner with assignments, meetings, and events, and I often have to take a deep breath as I search for downtime, or time I inevitably fill with more items to check off my to-do list. Time is a man-made construct, and like all man-made things, God transcends them, meaning God transcends time. To me, that makes my schedule look a lot more free because if God is bigger than my inability to make time for Him, then my free time becomes a lot more valuable.

So this Lenten season, I want to give my time to God. I want to not focus on the clock or what I’m supposed to be doing or where I’m supposed to be next, and I want to call upon God’s presence for Him to meet me wherever I’m at.

There are many idols in my life that hold me back from the reckless abandonment I want to give to following Jesus that I’m not even aware of yet, but that I am on the pursuit to find out. By sacrificing time each day to reflect on one thing that has a hold on my heart, I will be one step closer to having a better, more focused relationship with God.


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